This campaign will be using D&D 5 rules. I am still fine tuning the rules for better game play without bogging down because of micromanaging stuff. Also, the core rules are available to all players. Get them here for FREE

While some of you are local enough to play in person I will also be using Roll20 as an online tabletop. This will allow more flexibility for everyone. No travel time. Easier to schedule. MORE play time!

The setting will be in the Forgotten Realms. Do not expect to run into your favorite characters from any of the novels. I am using the Forgotten Realms as it is a well fleshed out world. Other campaigns in the future will use Greyhawk and the Inner Sea World (Pathfinder).

The campaign will start at level 1 with only 1 character per player and 5-8 players.

Out of the Dark